Saturday, February 18, 2012

A little bit of peace

Today has been a peaceful day. I have written some. Read some. And enjoyed the outdoors.
This week i have been drinking a great deal of tea and trying to coax my body to stay healthy.

When i was in middle school I took a school trip out to Olympic National park. For more than a week we hiked and canoed and did team building exercises. And because the resort we stayed at specialized in natural and organic foods (no sodas etc.) i ate tons of fruits and veggies, had my first encounter with hummus and drank a lot of tea. I remember feeling refreshed and clean when i came home.

What started early in the week as the sniffles has turned into some sinus and bronchial distress. So, i have clomped around school the last few days with Immunity boosting teas in hand. Breathing in the steam and  drinking all this tea has reminded me of that trip to Olympia. Despite feeling wiped and tired...I feel pretty good. Its nice to feel like your insides are clean.


l. e. yar said...

What kind/brand of tea do you drink? I've been trying to find some good health-boosting varieties, but nothing I've got right now is particularly tasty...

Ta said...

Well. I've been drinking a whole BUNCH of different kinds
I love Yogi Teas...the Blueberry Slim Life is great. Any of their flavored greens are tasty. I'm also drinking an Immunity Blend of theirs.
Tazo has a great cucumber white.
And Celestial Seasonings has some great new Wellness teas.


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